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c Cup Breast: Nature’s perfection

Do you know how to describe your C cup breast? I would use just 4 words: best of both worlds. That is right. Your size of breasts is just perfect, they are not too big to bother you but they are not small either. Every woman should be aware of the beauty of her body and so should you. Every size is great in its own way, so there is no need to change things nature has given to you and use plastic surgery.

Celebrities with C cups

The best way to show you how beautiful you are is to show you other ladies you have seen on television that wear the same cup size as you. Have you heard of Sofia Vergara? She is one of the best looking celebrities according to men; many of them have described her as hot and perfect. She looks amazing, she is wearing V tops, low cut dresses and she is feeling comfortable in her own skin. And do you know what size of bra she wears? Sofia Vergara is proud with her 34-C breasts. Megan Fox is another sexy young lady that has made her path with great looks and good acting. She is a dream of many guys all around the world and she has so much self-confidence. We don’t see her wanting to enlarge her gorgeous 32-C breasts. Hale Berry is another celebrity with this size as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Selma Hayek and many others. Do you feel a bit better about yourself now?

C cups implants

Our goal is to show you that you are beautiful the way you are. That is why there is this one thing we need to mention in order to show you that there is nothing about your breasts that should make you feel unsatisfied. Many ladies that don’t learn to love their small breasts (for example A cup size) decide to go to plastic surgeon and enlarge them. Do you know what size they mainly choose? They choose your size. That is right. Even though you might consider your C cup breasts small, there are many ladies that dream about breasts like yours. Accept the fact that your breasts are really perfect-not too big but not too small. You have everything-they are not too small to make you feel unconfident, but they are not too large to be heavy and harm your neck or back.

Each and every one of us is perfect in our own way. Learning and accepting that our natural look is much better than any artificial way. Love yourself the way you are, see the beauty of your C cup breasts.